What if a Driver Refuses to Provide Information After an Accident?

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with a rude, uncooperative person. When you’ve been in an accident, the stress of an uncooperative driver can compound the worry you feel about your car, your insurance rates, and potentially your health. If the other driver won’t give you his insurance information, you’re not out of luck. You still have several options, and a lawyer can help you pursue a driver who’s hard to find or difficult.

driver-refuses-to-provide-informationProtect Your Safety

Your safety is of paramount importance, and there’s no benefit to being aggressive toward the other driver or otherwise trying to pressure him to give you their information. If the other driver refuses, don’t push your luck or endanger your safety. Leave him alone, avoid provocation, and take steps to get information without letting the other driver know you’re doing so.

Call the Police

Colorado law requires that every accident be reported, either directly to the police or by using an accident reporting form after the fact. If the other driver refuses to give you information, call the police. Not only will this save you the trouble of completing your own accident report; it may also convince the other driver to cough up the information.

Get a License Plate Number

You don’t need a lot of complicated information to track down the other driver. A simple license plate number will do. If the other driver is behaving aggressively or unreasonably, covertly record his license number before they depart. For the most accurate information, try taking a discrete photo with your cell phone so that you have information on the card as well as a correct license tag number.

Call a Lawyer

If the other driver refuses to cooperate with you after the fact, a lawyer can help. Skilled accident attorneys know how to track down hard-to-find drivers. If the other party to the accident doesn’t have insurance or their insurance agent is giving you the runaround, your attorney can help you get what you need to repair damages and recover if you have sustained an injury.

The fact that the other person won’t give you his information is not a reason to give up. An accident can cost tens of thousands of dollars in vehicular damage, health care costs, and lost wages. You deserve to recoup your expenses.

Do everything you can to get at least some information about the other driver, and then seek the assistance of an experienced Colorado auto accident attorney. If you find yourself in this situation, contact McDivitt Law Firm for a FREE consultation.

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