My car is recalled, is yours?


I wanted to make sure you’re aware of the massive recall of Takata airbags that was issued earlier this week. It involves so many cars, that there’s a good chance it could involve yours too. My car maker is on the list, so I’m reaching out to all of our current and former clients to… Read more »

Roundup: Toxic Herbicide?

Round Up - Dangerous?

You may have heard of Roundup®, it’s a pretty popular weed and grass killer produced by the Monsanto Company. What you probably haven’t heard is that the herbicide glyphosate is a main ingredient in Roundup, and is one of Monsanto’s best-selling herbicides. The most troubling thing is that the International Agency for Research on Cancer… Read more »

Spring Cleaning Safety Checklist

Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

Spring is in the air, which in Colorado means nice weather followed by thunderstorms. On those rainy days you may even think that it’s time for some Spring Cleaning. If you decide to spend some time cleaning, it is also a wonderful time to review a safety checklist for your home. The National Safety Council… Read more »

New Safety Tip: Motorcycle Airbags


Most of us probably know that there’s certain gear you should wear while on a motorcycle—a helmet, proper shoes, jacket, etc. But it recently came to my attention that many manufacturers are making motorcycle airbag jackets. In support of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month this May, I thought it a great idea to mention some different types of airbag jackets that have been created.

Insurance Policies Conflict over Stacking Policy


There was a recent 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decision arising from a car accident in Colorado. The case, Kipling v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co., is focused on a “conflict of laws” issue. Conflict of laws is a legal term used to explain when different states have laws regarding the same subject matter that are in opposition to each other. Normally, if a car accident occurs in Colorado and you have Colorado car insurance this is not an issue—Colorado law prevails. However, in a case where there are ties to different states, a court must then decide which state’s law prevails.

Workers’ Comp Benefits, are they Really Enough?


NPR recently conducted a news investigation titled “More from Insult to Injury: America’s Vanishing Worker Protections,” and around the same time the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published a report “Adding Inequality to Injury: The Costs of Failing to Protect Workers on the Job.” These both got me thinking about the tightening of purse strings when it comes to injured workers collecting their benefits. Both the news investigation and the report indicate how broken our country’s workers’ compensation system truly is, and how important it is to have someone on your side to help you navigate this troubling system.

What kind of duty do you owe to drunken passengers?

Duty of care

A recent article from the ABA Journal mentions an interesting legal issue, surrounding sad circumstances, from a case out of New Orleans. The article discusses that the father of a man who died in a hit-and-run accident, after being kicked out of his friend’s car, sued the friend (the driver) for compensation. The son was apparently drunk and belligerent, so the friend forced him out of the car.

Generic Drugs: Lax Labeling Requirements?

Generic Drugs

A February article in the Wall Street Journal discussed a debate regarding federal law which does not require generic drug manufacturers to independently update drug labels unless the change has been made to the equivalent brand-name drug. The FDA is attempting to change the current requirements under federal law, and require generic manufacturers to independently change the label when they are alerted to risks, and thus, bypassing the brand-name drug. Of course drug makers are not really keen on this proposed requirement. But more importantly, why aren’t generic drug manufacturers already required to do this? Well, that’s because of how the federal law has been interpreted and a 2011 Supreme Court case.

The Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Car Seats

car seat safety

Colorado law defines a “child restraint system” (car seats and booster seats) as a specially designed seating system that is designed to protect, hold, or restrain a child in a motor vehicle in such a way as to prevent or minimize injury to the child in the event of a motor vehicle accident that is either permanently affixed to a motor vehicle or is affixed to such vehicle by a safety belt or a universal attachment system, and that meets the federal motor vehicle safety standards.