Dashboard Cameras, are they Useful?

Are Dashcams Useful?

Dashboard cameras, or “dashcams,” have been on the rise in Europe and Asia for a while now. They sometimes even capture some unique or even terrifying events—the TransAsia crash for example. They originally became very popular in countries where horrible driving practices regularly occurred. But are dashboard cameras useful when it comes to car accidents and insurance claims in the U.S.?

Maybe it’s Time to Do the Right Thing and Blow the Whistle

Whistleblowing is the right thing to do

Whistleblowing has been, since passage of the False Claims Act (FCA), an invaluable tool available to protect the government as a consumer of goods and in turn the citizens and taxpayers of the U.S., against fraud, waste, and abuse at the hands of a company that knowingly profits from those actions. The FCA contains qui tam provisions, which is a fancy Latin term that provides that a private person can file a suit for violations of the FCA on behalf of the government. This act of filing an action is informally called “whistleblowing.”

Workers’ Compensation: Recent Cases

Work injury recent cases

Multiple cases regarding workers’ compensation have been decided by the Colorado Court of Appeals this year so far. I wanted to go over a couple of interest to me, which in one case deals with whether one of the parties was an “employer” and in the other case whether the injured party was an “employee.”

Pedestrian Safety 101


I read too often news articles about traffic accidents involving pedestrians, and have represented pedestrians hit by cars. And it reminds me that even if “pedestrians have the right away” that there may be a way to help pedestrians to avoid these accidents. It is important for us all to follow some pretty simple rules.

The 8 Most Common Personal Injury Cases


Personal injury cases are more than just accidents, and can result in very serious bodily injury. These types of cases can come in many forms and are not merely auto accidents or slip and falls. Practicing safe measures and being aware can prevent some injuries, but even the most cautious can be injured due to the carelessness or negligence of others. Let’s check out the most common types of personal injury cases.

A Hotel has a Duty of Care?


There was a recent Colorado Supreme Court opinion regarding a hotel’s duty of care to its guests and I thought this an interesting topic to delve into deeper. You probably think that a hotel, as a business, only has a duty to render you excellent customer service. Whether they exceed in that always depends, and it’s not like you have the right to legal action merely because a desk clerk was rude to you. However, legally, there exists a special relationship between an innkeeper and guest.

McDivitt News, July 2015

McDivitt News July 2015

In McDivitt News July 2015: An important health alert about glyphosate found in the popular herbicide RoundUp. Have questions about hiring a lawyer? Browse our website for helpful information and tools. McDivitt Law Firm won an award from the Colorado Springs Business Journal. We have an update on our fund raising efforts for the American Heart Association. Plus, an update on the Colorado Springs Galaxy semipro soccer team.