Morcellator Update: Yale Study to Show Changes by Gynecologists

Cancer awareness associated with morcellators

Additional news has come to light regarding powered morcellators, a medical device that has been linked to spreading undetected cancer in some women. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, gynecologists are actually changing their practices when it to comes to hysterectomies and the use of morcellators in performing those procedures. Morcellators… Read more »

Is a Bar Responsible when a Drunk Driver Crashes into Another Car?

Colorado Dram Shop laws

You may have never heard of the term “dram shop” before, as it sounds somewhat antiquated, but in Colorado we have what are called dram shop laws. So what is a dram shop? It is simply a place that serves alcohol. The most common places are bars, taverns, and restaurants. Back in the day, spirits were sold by the dram, a small unit of liquid. Dram shop laws are a body of law regarding the liability of dram shop owners and those who serve alcoholic beverages. Many states have some form of dram shop liability laws.

Veteran’s Benefits Update: the Good and the Bad


A recent article in Military Times discusses the ever growing “backlog” of appealed benefit cases through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. According to the article, some reports made to the VA show an average wait time for resolution of the appeal of more than 3.5 years! And in the last year, the number of cases awaiting appeal decisions has increased 10 percent. However, the VA is hoping to make changes to the appeals process and much more.

2015 Peeps in Law Contest

McDivitt's ABA Peep Contest Entry

The ABA Journal is hosting for the seventh year its annual Peeps in Law diorama contest. Yes, that’s right those colored marshmallow Peeps that you can go out and buy right now. This year the Team at McDivitt Law Firm has decided to submit a Peeps diorama. Team members got together and designed “Kid Peep… Read more »

What Everybody Ought to Know about Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries


You were recently in a car accident and your doctor diagnosed you with mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). You wonder how something can both be mild and traumatic at the same time. What is mild traumatic brain injury? Is it serious? Or not so much? These questions could on your mind if you ever experience a mild TBI.