Accidents Covered by Colorado Workers’ Compensation

You are entitled to disability pay, medical and other benefits if you are injured at work (regardless of how you were injured) under the Workers’ Compensation Law of Colorado.  Even if you were negligent in causing your work-related  injury, you are entitled to these benefits because a determination of who was at fault in causing the accident is not relevant under this law.

You will be covered, for example, even if your injury happened while in the parking lot at your work or while entering or leaving your work site.  You may even be covered if you are injured in the lunchroom at work.  These are just some examples.

The law states that your injuries will be covered if they happen in the “course and scope” of your employment.  This can be complicated to determine, but the experienced Colorado Workers’ Compensation attorneys at McDivitt Law Firm will be able to help you.

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