When Can I Start Driving Again After an Auto Accident?

When can I return to driving after accidentI often get asked by clients if they can start driving again after being a victim in a car accident. Many are worried how driving will affect their case; but really that’s not the issue. Getting back in the driver’s seat has no bearing on your auto accident claim. However, there are other issues that may affect you from getting back behind the wheel. There are both physical and mental issues that could hinder you from driving again.

Only you and your doctor will know when it is best for you to begin driving again. If you have any medical issues that put you at risk on the road, then you should not get back behind the wheel. While Colorado law is somewhat relaxed when it comes to medical conditions that could affect a person’s ability to drive, this does not give you carte blanche to start driving again.

A pretty common condition to occur after an auto accident, regardless of the severity of the accident, is anxiety. While this is nothing to be ashamed of, if you are anxious every time you get behind the wheel it is best that you speak with your health care provider about this issue. It may not be the right time for you to start driving again.

Additionally, if strong feelings continue with you after an auto accident you may be suffering from PTSD. Some signs of PTSD include:

  • An ongoing feeling of uneasiness
  • Problems driving or riding in vehicles
  • Irritability, or excessive worry or anger
  • Nightmares or trouble sleeping
  • A feeling that you’re not connected to others
  • Ongoing memories of the accident that you can’t stop or control

If you suffer from some type of anxiety after the accident there are some things you could try to ease the problems, but as always you should consult with your physician first. Try these out, and before you know it, it may be time for you to start driving again:

  • Practice meditation
  • Seek massage therapy treatment
  • Take deep breaths
  • Stay active
  • Try to get back to your daily activities and routines
  • Learn to be a defensive driver

The time period after an auto accident can be a very trying time. Please remember that your health and recovery should remain your top focus.

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