Veterans Struggle after Being Stripped of Disability Benefits

May 31, 2013

An investigative report by The Colorado Springs Gazette released earlier this week discussed how the Army is wrongfully taking away benefits from some wounded veterans returning from service.

The piece highlighted the story of a former U.S. Army Sergeant. The soldier was serving in Iraq when an improvised explosive device hit him in the face and shattered the lower half of his skull. As a result of the injuries he sustained, the soldier was in a coma for several months before awakening to multiple surgeries.

The man’s condition has improved, and he returned to serve again before suffering another serious blow to the face. He was then transferred to a wounded warrior unit. During his time there, he was taking prescription Sudafed that the Army had given him to help battle sinus infections he commonly suffered due to his injuries.

He was given a random drug screening by the Army and tested positive for amphetamines. He approached the Army and explained that the Sudafed they had given him was known to cause false positives on drug screenings, but was denied a re-test. Instead, the commanding officer discharged him form service, stripping him of the Veterans’ Disability Benefits he depended on for his medical care.

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