VA Continues Work to Reduce Backlog of Veterans’ Disability Benefit Claims

July 1, 2013

With soldiers returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan seriously injured, a backlog of Veterans’ Disability Benefit Claims has continued to swell. As of last week, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) reported they had more than 830,000 pending claims, with approximately 548,000 of those claims having already passed the goal of being processed within 125 days.

The VA has been under heavy scrutiny for the backlog, and the agency has been scrambling to reduce the number of backlogged claims. The VA is taking steps such as requiring mandatory overtime for employees and implementing a new electronic processing system in the hopes of slashing the number of veterans awaiting benefits and it seems to be paying off.

An article from Nextgov explained that by also giving priority to processing some of the oldest claims, the VA has projected it will soon reduce the backlog to less than 800,000 outstanding claims. A VA spokeswoman, Meagan Lutz, stated that the agency had processed more than 65,000 in less than two months thanks to the recent initiatives.

Lutz added the VA would continue its efforts to reduce the backlog of claims.

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