VA Announces Plan to Process Older Veterans’ Disability Claims

April 22, 2013

Each day, the number of soldiers seeking Colorado Veterans’ Disability Benefits continues to grow. There are currently 900,000 U.S. veterans awaiting an approval or denial of their claim. An estimated 250,000 veterans have waited more than a year for the decision to be made.

Finding a solution to the backlog of claims has become a hot topic of debate among government officials. However, a decision was recently announced that should help ease the swelling number of cases.

A story from KOAA News explained the Department of Veteran Affairs has a goal of processing each claim for benefits within 125 days. In recent years though, the agency has averaged 262 days to process a claim. In an effort get approvals for veterans who have waited more than a year for a decision, the agency will focus on processing their claims before any others.

Decisions in these cases will be made within the next several months.

While this may sound like a step forward, it may do very little to speed the claims process along for many veterans. The move may create a cycle in which the newest claims are put into a holding pattern. Numbers show a high likelihood that many of the older claims now scheduled for processing may simply be denied as well.

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