Too Many Passengers Put Teen Drivers at Risk of Accidents

A study by the AAA Foundation warns that novice drivers in a vehicle with underage passengers could spell disaster. Researchers cited that the risk of 16 and 17-year-old drivers having an accident jumps by 44 percent when a passenger less than 21-years of age is in the car. Even more disturbing is that the chances of an accident double when two underage passengers are in the vehicle, and quadruple with more than two.

These increased risks may have been a factor in a recent Durango, Colorado, crash that killed four young people and injured a family of three. According to The Durango Herald, the crash happened Friday, just before 4 p.m., on La Plata County Road 318.

Police reports indicate that the Durango Car Accident happened when a Ford Focus, driven by a young man, crossed into opposing traffic and collided head-on with a Suburban sport utility vehicle. Skid marks left by the Focus at the scene indicate that the driver jerked the wheel to the right and never slowed down just before the crash. It is possible that the driver may have been illegally passing another vehicle.

The Durango Personal Injury Lawyers at the McDivitt Law Firm say that it is important that parents set rules about the number of passengers a teen can have in their vehicle, and that discussing the dangers of distracted driving may be the best defense against these types of accidents.

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