Social Security Disability Client Stories

“I just wanted to thank you all again for helping me through my disability case until it got resolved. You really made things go easier than I had anticipated and your thoughtful guidance was truly appreciated!” – Hatim H. 

“My case manager was great and stayed on top of things. My case manager kept me informed and I can’t say enough about my attorney. He is the best lawyer ever, I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me and my family.” – Julius L.

“My attorney is awesome, friendly and informative. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed.” – Tracey B.

“I was really happy with everything I had a very pleasant experience and it wasn’t what I expected from rumors I’ve always heard about law firms. Thank you very much.” – Audrey B.

“I was treated well, and should the need arise, I will not hesitate to use your firm again.” – Rebecca Z.

“My case manager was very professional and put my mind at ease several times by helping me with my questions and letting me know by letter or phone that everything is going to work out.” – Michael W.

“She was a very good attorney and helped me to understand what was going on every step of the way. Thank you.” – Francine W.

“My case manager was so professional and easy to talk to. My attorney made me feel so relaxed and confident in her “know how” about the facts. Thank both of you. I could never forget you.” – Harry W.

“My case manager did a fantastic job of keeping me informed during all phases of my case. She was efficient, personable, and professional in all her dealings on the case. I could count on all of my calls and questions being answered and returned promptly, a great experience from an excellent member on a great team. McDivitt Law has my highest recommendations.” – Dwight V.

“My attorney and case manager really went above and beyond to help me with my case.” – Christine T.

“I have used McDivitt two times and have been very satisfied with both results. My attorney was very professional, understanding, answered all my questions and she always called me right back.” – Cynthia S.

“My attorney was wonderful and stayed near me and helped me so much. I will always be grateful.” – Debra S.

“Myself and family thank all who were involved in this procedure. We should not even have to look for an attorney if we ever need one again. It’s McDivitt Law Firm for all of us.” – Mina S.

“Your attorneys helped my husband and myself and I have spoken about your law firm (highly) to others. Thank you.” – Mary S.

“If I ever need another attorney, they will have big shoes to fill. My attorney and case manager set the bar very high on my future expectations. My lawyer was excellent to talk with and had a great demeanor. Once my case manager took over, everything was great. She is an amazingly awesome young lady that takes ownership of her duties with great rapport.” – Silvia R.

“Everything was better than expected. I have used attorneys in the past and this is by far the best and easiest time I have had in dealing with a situation. My case manager is extremely helpful and considerate and always made time to answer any questions and I appreciate that effort and have already shared this experience with others.” – Darrell R.

“Thank you for continuing our case even though it was denied. You were with us every step of the way. Thank you.” – Joann R.

“Everyone involved, especially my attorney and case manager, were amazing! I am truly grateful to all of them.” – Shea P.

“My attorney and I worked very well together. The prep session was an important part of the whole thing. She answered all of my questions and helped me to calm down before the hearing. She was wise to tell me that we were going to answer questions at the hearing and not to ‘pontificate’.” – Jerry P.

“I enjoyed the fact that we were always able to stay connected with contacting each other and working together. Thank you!” – Chequeta O.

“Thank you McDivitt Law Firm and special thanks to my attorney who saw me and immediately took my case and won it for me. Again thank you.” – Rovanna M.

“I really think everything went as well as possible, thanks to your great service. I also hope I won’t need your services again, but won’t hesitate to call on you again. I am very satisfied with our firm family. I will be recommending you to others.” – Peggy M.

“Knew the law and what he was doing and was well prepared.” – Gene L.