Report Finds Overpayment of Social Security Disability Benefits

Sept. 24, 2012

The US Senate recently released a report stating that the federal government improperly awarded Social Security Disability benefits in more than a quarter of the cases examined between 2006 and 2010. FOX News claims the report found overpayments estimated to have cost American taxpayers millions of dollars.

The Senate committee that conducted the 18-month investigation argued negligence by administrative judges resulted in the overpayment of benefits in the 300 cases randomly selected for the study. In one instance, a judge had awarded $1.6 billion in Social Security Disability benefits over a three year period.

The investigation also found judges not adhering to standards and regulations of a formal hearing by submitting partial documents into evidence rather than the full versions that could contain vital information. The research concluded that these awards are being given without addressing the issue of whether or not there is sufficient evidence that the claimant is completely disabled and unable to perform employment duties.

Mark Hinkle, a spokesperson for the Social Security Administration, stated the agency was aware of the issues and has promised to continue working towards the creation of a more efficient system.

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