Colorado Truck Accident FAQ

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to determine who is at fault (liability) in a trucking accident. First, there are questions of whether both drivers shared responsibility for the accident. In addition, the truck driver may share liability with the trucking company, the truck manufacturer and others. One of our knowledgeable Colorado truck accident lawyers can help you understand your case and prove liability.

1. I’ve been involved in a truck accident. What should I do?

  • Call the Police: Call the police immediately from the scene so that the accident can be investigated. Don’t move the vehicles as long as they don’t cause a traffic hazard. Otherwise move them to the side of the road.
  • Documentation: Collect names, addresses, and phone numbers of the other parties involved, anyone you spoke to at the scene or witnesses to the accident. Use the camera on your cell phone to take pictures of the scene. Most important, photograph every vehicle involved in the accident from every angle. Get the license plate numbers and insurance information of the other drivers. Have these organized so you can show them to your McDivitt truck accident attorney who will help you get just compensation.
  • Get Medical Attention Immediately: You may think you’re not hurt, but sometimes injuries take a few days to be noticed. We recommend that all of our clients visit a doctor, hospital emergency room or emergency care facility the same day of the accident or immediately the next day, regardless of the severity. Take notes about how you feel after the accident, what the doctor said and how you are recovering.
  • Do not apologize for anything at the scene: An accident is chaotic and it may not be evident who was at fault or who was more at fault. Don’t admit you did anything wrong, but certainly feel free to help any who have been injured – if you are able.
  • Don’t sign anything: If your insurance company or the insurance company of the other party contacts you, don’t sign anything without talking to one of McDivitt Law Firm’s attorneys first. Signing paperwork from an insurance company may mean you are signing away your rights to compensation, or less compensation than you deserve or need.
  • Give us a call: We serve clients across Colorado, and we’re available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us toll free at (877) 846-4878 to arrange a free consultation or click here for a free consultation form. Let us get our team of lawyers working for you while you concentrate on getting well. The initial consultation is free, and you will never pay a fee until we get money for you.

2. If I’m injured in a truck accident, who can I sue?

Generally, you will likely be able to sue the driver of the truck, the trucking company and perhaps the truck’s manufacturer. The trucking company may still be liable, even if the driver/owner was leasing his truck to the company. It may be possible to sue the truck’s manufacturer if you can show that the accident was caused by some defect in the truck. Others may be responsible if the accident was due to poor maintenance.

That’s why you need a knowledgeable Colorado truck accident lawyer on your side. One who will fight to protect your rights. At McDivitt Law Firm, we have almost 40 years of experience in truck accident cases. We will work with you to recover financial losses, both current and future, from truck drivers and trucking companies whose negligence may have impacted your life. Call us toll free at (877) 846-4878 to arrange a free consultation to tell us about your accident, or click here for an initial consultation form.

3. What if the insurance company makes me an offer?

Insurance companies will usually try to get you to accept a quick, but completely inadequate, settlement. Our experience is that they will never offer an adequate amount of compensation without an attorney representing you. They will take advantage of your vulnerability after the accident at a time when you have no way of knowing the true extent of your damages and losses. Hiring an attorney immediately after the accident will ensure a larger settlement because you can get a full investigation made of the causes of the accident with the help of court orders if necessary, and because the insurance companies will take your case more seriously when you have an attorney.

Remember, never sign anything from the insurance company without speaking to one of our lawyers first. An attorney from McDivitt Law Firm can go over the details of your case with you and help you determine what a fair settlement should be.

4. How Much Will it Cost To Hire a Lawyer?

The initial consultation with McDivitt Law Firm is absolutely free. If we are then able to take your case, it will not cost anything until you get money from the insurance company. At McDivitt law Firm, you will only pay a fee when you collect money after filing a claim. When we collect money for you for your injuries, damages and losses, we will be paid a percentage of the money we collect for you. You will never pay anything out of your own pocket. The experienced truck accident lawyers at McDivitt Law Firm have successfully collected large sums for truck accident victims for nearly 40 years.