Colorado Motorcycle Accident FAQ

1. What are the helmet and traffic laws in Colorado?

Although helmets are proven to save lives, riders age 18 and over are not required to wear helmets in Colorado. However, if the motorcycle operator or passengers are under age 18, they must wear DOT-approved helmets.

In 2006, 65 percent of fatally injured motorcycle riders were not wearing a helmet in states without all-rider helmet laws, compared with only 13 percent in states with all-rider helmet laws. (NHTSA, 2007)

Passing or overtaking a vehicle in the same lane is Illegal in Colorado; no lane sharing or splitting with cars. However, motorcycles can share a lane or “co-ride” with one other motorcycle. As a rider, you cannot attach your motorcycle to another vehicle, i.e. grab onto another motorcycle or vehicle (i.e. towing).

2. Do I have to get a separate license to ride a motorcycle in Colorado?

No. You don’t have to get a separate license to ride a motorcycle in Colorado, but you do have to obtain an “M” endorsement for you current license. To get an “M” endorsement, a rider must:

  • Be at least 16 years old,
  • Pass a written exam at the local driver license office,
  • And complete an on-bike skills test.

3. What happens if I don’t have insurance coverage for my motorcycle?

In Colorado, not only are you required to have insurance, you are also required to show proof of insurance. If you’re caught riding a motorcycle without insurance, the penalties you could face include:

First Offense

  • $500 fine (minimum)
  • Four points on driving record
  • Possible suspension of license

Second Offense

  • $1,000 fine (minimum)
  • Four-month suspension of license

Third Offense

  • $1,000 fine (minimum)
  • Community service requirement
  • Eight-month suspension of license

4. If I’m Injured in a motorcycle accident, will it cost me anything to consult with an attorney at McDivitt Law Firm?

No! The experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at McDivitt Law Firm will consult with you at absolutely no cost to you. If we are able to represent you to help you get the medical care and money for your injuries and losses, you will pay no fee at all until we collect money for you. We will then be paid a percentage of what we are able to get for you. You will never have to pay anything at all out of your own pocket – you will only pay this percentage. Contact us today for your free consultation.