Police Ask For Public Help To Keep Drunk Drivers Off The Road

Police are asking for help from the public in keeping drunk drivers off of roadways. It seems to be a growing problem, as 11 News reports that accidents involving alcohol or drugs are up by more than 10 percent from last year. The article quoted The Colorado Department of Transportation as saying more than 30,000 drivers are arrested for DUI every year, with more than 40 drivers being arrested over the last month.

How can the public help? Officials are asking the public to call in with information about suspected drunk drivers. Colorado State Patrol Corporal Randy Novotny was quoted as saying, “Do not get involved, that’s our job. They can just get the information down, like the licenses plate number, and then call star CSP or 911… We get to the calls that we can get to and we generate a lot of arrests from those ready calls, or report drunk driver immediately calls.”

Officials say the calls truly make a difference, and making the call is of great importance because you never know when a call might save a life.

The Colorado Auto Accident Attorneys with The McDivitt Law Firm understand the dangers of drunk driving and how it can impact families. That is why McDivitt Law Firm supports sober ride programs to ensure the public gets home safely.

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