New Technology Blocks Cell Phone Use By Drivers

December 26, 2011

In response to the growing number of supporters behind the push on federal regulators to ban cell phone use while driving, 9 News reported today that a company has created a device that will block cell phones from being used if the owner is driving.

The new technology, called Cell Control, is being marketed to businesses with large fleets of company vehicles and also to parents of teenagers just learning to drive. The device works by plugging it in to your car’s diagnostic system and running a software program installed on the phone itself. Then, when the car turns on, a blocked screen will come up on the phone. Calls are then forwarded to voice mail and a busy message will respond to any incoming text messages. The software also blocks internet usage while activated.

The Cell Control System is fairly cost effective as well at around $25 per unit, plus $8 per month for service. The only drawback now is that it does not currently work with iPhones; a problem Cell Control Vice President Chuck Cox says will be taken care of after the New Year.

The Colorado auto accident attorneys with the McDivitt Law Firm are glad to see technology being used to keep drivers safe and encourage drivers to put their phones down when behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Eliminating cell phone use while driving significantly decreases your chances of being hurt or killed in a senseless accident.

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