New Social Security Transportation System Plagued By Problems

January 4, 2012

A new transportation system designed to help disabled Medicaid patients get to medical appointments has been a flop thus far. According to Colorado’s 9 News, the Ohio-based company, First Transit, had a rough first day on the job with phone lines shut down and patients receiving busy signals and error messages.

Medicaid pays for patients to be transported to doctors and hospitals if the patient lives in an area without public transportation or if their disabilities are so severe that they are unable to take public transportation. Without this service, these patients have no way to get the care they need.

The problems with the system have made scheduling and getting to appointments a nightmare for patients. A woman from Commerce City, Colorado, was met only with a busy signal when she repeatedly tried to set up a ride with the company to get her to hip surgery at a local hospital.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing said that the government would examine “contract remedies” against the company once the call issues were resolved. The company responded by saying that more staff, hours, and phone lines will be added to handle the flood of calls coming in.

The Colorado Social Security Disability attorneys at the McDivitt Law Firm know and understand the health hazards these stranded patients could face if they are unable to get to their appointments. Contact us today if a company’s negligence to give you proper care has caused you harm.

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