Motorcycle Safety Was the Focus of a Recent Fort Carson Ride

The Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accident Lawyers with McDivitt Law firm explain studies show that one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents today is rider inexperience. In fact, data indicates that rider error was a contributing factor in roughly two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents.


In an effort to curb the problem in Colorado, a ride was organized by top officials to educate soldiers at Fort Carson on the importance of motorcycle safety. An article from the Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Group stated the ride occurred on Aug. 29 along roads running from Fort Carson to Cripple Creek.

There were more than 40 participants in the rally, called R3 or the “Rough Rider Ride”. Each participant was checked to ensure they had all necessary safety equipment, such as helmets, eye protection, and sturdy leathers prior to taking off. Once on the road, ranking officers led the pack, setting proper pace and organizing riders into single-file at the appropriate times.

The ride was successful in helping soldiers understand how to properly operate motorcycles, and it has prompted officials to consider organizing more rides before the end of motorcycle season.

McDivitt Law Firm’s team of Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyers applauds the efforts being made to improve motorcycle safety in the state and are hopeful similar programs can be organized in other areas.

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