McDivitt’s Top 5 Auto Accident Blogs from 2015

We hope 2015 was a great year for you and as the year begins to wrap up we thought it would be helpful to put together our most read blogs from our Auto Accident section this year. They include safety tips, driving conditions in Colorado, and tips on out of state travel. Here they are:

  1. Risky Driving in Colorado: Getting Behind the Wheel with Seizures

AA 1When we think about dangerous drivers we often think about drunk, high, or angry drivers. But are they the only potentially unsafe drivers on the road? We don’t think about the risk of someone getting behind the wheel and having a seizure or other medical emergency, but unfortunately it can happen. The ramifications of that can be just as serious as a drunk driver. Read More →


  1. Top 15 Safest and Most Dangerous Cars

aa2The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently released an article discussing how improved vehicle designs are decreasing car accident fatalities. In the article the IIHS provided which vehicles had the lowest rates of driver deaths and which ones had the highest rates of driver deaths from 2011 and equivalent earlier models. Read More →


  1. Driving While Angry: What to do When Faced with Road Rage

aa3Last month, in a Home Depot parking lot in Thornton, CO, a man was shot in the head by another. Why? Apparently, an act of road rage that turned violent. Unfortunately, such extreme cases of road rage occur, and it’s alarming. We should all be vigilant in understanding road rage and what to do when faced with an aggressive driver to mitigate these circumstances. No one wants their daily drive home to turn dangerous or deadly. Read More →


  1. February Brings Winter Weather and Dangerous Road Conditions to Colorado

aa4The end of February brought plenty of needed snow to Colorado and kept many of us inside.  However, while the snowfall always looks beautiful, it brings with it dangerous and slick road conditions. The Team at McDivitt Law Firm wants to remind you to be safe out on the snowy roads Read More →


  1. What Happens if I am Out of State and have been Injured in a Car Accident?

aa5Being injured in a car accident can be a painful and difficult ordeal, and if you are injured in a different state from where you live, you are probably wondering how your insurance, and receiving compensation for your injuries, works. Having an experienced auto accident attorney on your side is the first step in dealing with a car accident and the insurance companies, but let me also cover what can happen if you are in a car accident out of state. Read More →


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