Why Are So Many Social Security Disability Claims Initially Denied?

Disability claims are reviewed by a state agency – Disability Determination Services or DDS.  More than two-thirds of initial Social Security Disability claims are denied.  This might seem discouraging, but the good news is that more than half of those denied are eventually awarded during the appeals process.

Disability Denied

Although there are multiple explanations why initial claims are denied, the following is a list that provides some reasons why so many people are denied at the initial level, but then receive an award once they appeal the decision.

  • Many first time applicants have not enlisted the assistance of an attorney.
  • When you appeal a denied claim, the details of your case will then be carefully scrutinized.  Your case is reviewed by an expert at Social Security Disability Law and the Social Security Administrative Law Judge. Initial applications do not receive this same level of review and consideration.
  • Appeals are often lengthy, sometimes taking more than a year.  During this time, you have the opportunity to improve the quality of your case by obtaining more and often better treatment, testing, and medical records, strengthening your appeal.
  • If your claim continues to gain momentum during the appeal process, you are prepared to get behind your claim more vigorously.  You are confident in your claim.

When you enlist McDivitt’s help with your Social Security Disability claim, we are able to provide the step-by-step process that assists you in building a case that requires consideration from Social Security Administration.  Because our team members are experts in this field, the process is thorough and as efficient as possible.

To find out more about filing for Social Security Disability or appealing your claim, contact one of the experienced Colorado Social Security Lawyers at McDivitt Law Firm. You may reach us toll free at (877) 846-4878, or fill out a free consultation form. Your initial consultation is absolutely free, and you don’t owe us any fee until we collect money for you.


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