Many Colorado Motorists Ignore Construction Zone Road Signs

April 30, 2012

When asked if road signs placed in construction zones were still in effect if equipment and workers were not present, many Colorado residents said “no.” But according to 9 News, their beliefs are mistaken.

A spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Stacey Stegman, stated that all rules and fines posted by the signs still apply regardless of whether or not work is occurring at the time. She added, “The rules apply as long as the sign is up. If work is not going on, then typically we will turn the signs down.”

Misconceptions by motorists that construction zone signs do not apply if work is not underway lead to thousands of serious accidents per year in the state. In fact, CDOT claims that last year, there were 830 work zone crashes resulting in 96 injuries and 10 fatalities—many of which could have been prevented had drivers followed posted signs.

In an effort to battle the problem, CDOT plans to partner with the Colorado State Patrol beginning in June on a new campaign called “Slow for the Cone Zone”, which will aim to educate motorists on the importance of slowing down in construction zones and following all posted signage.

The Denver Car Accident Lawyers with the McDivitt Law Firm ask that Colorado drivers be extra vigilant when passing through construction zones, as the number of projects will begin to increase during the summer months.

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