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The Colorado legal team of McDivitt Law Firm has been practicing personal injury law for 40 years. We opened the doors to our first Colorado Springs office location in 1989. Since then, we have helped thousands of clients. We have also opened offices in Denver, Pueblo, and Aurora to help us serve clients all over Colorado.

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Reviews From Our Clients in North Colorado Springs

Our attorneys have been faithfully serving the citizens of North Colorado Springs across a variety of different personal injury cases. These are the case types that we handle: 

Auto Accidents
Auto accidents can happen suddenly and leave a lot of damage in their wake. Injuries sustained during traffic collisions or car accidents can come with a long road to recovery along with steep medical bills. Our experienced auto accident attorneys are experts at navigating auto insurance claims and medical bills so that our clients can focus their energy on recovering.

Workers’ Compensation
As a worker, your employer has both a legal and moral obligation to provide you with a safe work environment. Unfortunately, employer negligence can translate into debilitating workplace injuries. When navigating the complexities of a worker’s compensation case, you need to ensure that your settlement is able to both address your short-term injuries along with any long-term wages lost as a result of disabilities. McDivitt Law Firm’s team of expert worker’s compensation attorneys understand the ins-and-outs of resolving workers’ compensation claims and will fight to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

Wrongful Death
There is no monetary compensation or legal settlement that can erase the pain that comes from losing a loved one. If you’ve lost someone due to negligence, then the last thing that you should have to think about is navigating the financial and legal concerns of the matter. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Trust McDivitt law firm to handle these financial and legal concerns so that you can focus on mourning your loss and celebrating your loved one’s life. 

Truck Accidents
Anyone who’s driven around Northern Colorado Springs understands how common it is to share the road with heavy commercial vehicles. If a driver behind the wheel of a truck or trailer is being negligent, then this can spell serious danger for everyone else on the road. We understand that accidents with commercial vehicles can be especially severe and require a great deal of care when recovering. That’s why our truck accident attorneys fight to ensure justice and compensation for drivers who have been injured by collisions with trucks and other large vehicles. 

Motorcycle Accidents
There’s nothing quite like a good motorcycle ride in North Colorado Springs. The city’s location gives it a lot of unique, natural beauty that’s easy to enjoy from the driver’s seat of a good motorbike. Unfortunately, driving a motorcycle also comes with an elevated accident risk, and these accidents can be life-changing. Trust McDivitt Law Firm’s motorcycle accident attorneys to fight on your behalf and ensure that medical bills or insurance claims don’t get in the way of your recovery. 

Personal Injury
No two personal injury cases are exactly the same, but the overwhelming majority of them stem from someone else’s negligence. If you’ve been injured because of a negligent property owner, driver, or nursing home, then you may be entitled to compensation. Our personal injury attorneys work tirelessly to ensure that our clients are awarded the settlements that they deserve! 

Bicycle Accidents
Northern Colorado Springs is a great place for biking. Between the sunny weather, pleasant roads, and beautiful scenery, there’s a lot to enjoy. Biking on roads, however, means sharing the road with drivers, some of which may be negligent, distracted, or drunk. If you’ve been injured while riding a bicycle, then McDivitt Law Firm’s bicycle accident attorneys will negotiate with insurance companies to win the settlement that you deserve. 

Pedestrian Accidents
As a pedestrian, you shouldn’t have to wonder if the paths or streets that you’re walking on are safe. Getting hit by a drunk, distracted, or irresponsible driver can be a life-altering event, and it can come with a steep path to recovery. McDivitt Law Firm’s pedestrian accident lawyers have the resources and expertise to hold the liable party accountable. 

Dog Bites
Getting bitten by a hostile dog is a painful and traumatizing experience. Even seemingly small bites can lead to further medical complications, which is why it’s important to have an experienced dog bite lawyer representing you. Trust McDivitt Law Firm to protect you from surprise medical bills and ensure a fair settlement from any negligent parties that were involved in your dog bite. 

Nursing Home Negligence & Abuse
Enrolling a loved one in a nursing home or care center is a serious decision, and you deserve peace of mind about the facility’s ability to meet their needs. If a loved one has experienced neglect or abuse during their time at a nursing home or assisted living facility, it’s important to have a nursing home abuse lawyer on your side. 

Defective Drugs & Devices
Prescription drugs and medical devices come with a high expectation of safety. If this standard is not met, it can mean further injuries and medical complications for vulnerable people. Our defective drug attorneys excel in holding negligent manufacturers accountable and ensuring that our clients can recover without having to worry about medical bills or legal headaches. 

Business Interruption
If your business has been subject to undue financial hardships, such as interruptions from COVID-19, then you may be entitled to compensation. McDivitt Law Firm is proud to stand with local businesses to ensure that they’re able to meet their financial needs and service their customers. Our business interruption attorneys fight to make sure that our clients are able to maintain a comfortable continuity of business. 

As the population in Colorado Springs has grown, more and more communities and business centers have been established north and east of Pikes Peak and the city’s original downtown area. North Colorado Springs now boasts everything Colorado has to offer. From Monument and Black Forest, to Austin Bluffs and Powers to the northern parts of Colorado Springs, these areas provide all of the amenities of a city with the community of close-knit neighborhoods. 

Living with city traffic, however, means auto accidents and potential  traffic injuries. We’ve been helping Colorado Springs residents deal with the aftermath of car accidents since 1989. In addition to auto accidents, we fight for clients that have been injured from other accidents including worker’s compensation cases, and trip-and-fall incidents. 

At McDivitt Law Firm, our North Colorado Springs-based attorneys have the experience and resources you need to support your case. We specialize in the following practice areas: auto accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, wrongful death, nursing home abusetrip and fall, and more.

What separates McDivitt from other law firms is how tirelessly we fight on behalf of our clients. We don’t rest until our clients are able to get the settlement that they need in order to recover. Our compassionate lawyers in Colorado Springs take their cases seriously, and this is reflected in the way we treat our clients, and the money that we’re able to win for them.

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