Law Enforcement Numbers Plummet as Colorado Car Accidents Increase

April 17, 2013

Data from the Colorado State Patrol shows that the number of Colorado Car Accidents increased during the last two years, but enforcement by troopers has decreased. An article from KUNC News discusses the cause of the fluctuations and what state officials are doing to solve the problem.

Data indicates that in 2010, a total of 439 people were killed as the result of motor vehicle collisions in Colorado. This established a low in a nine-year trend of decreases in the number of these crashes. The following year though, an additional seven lives were claimed on the state’s highways, mounting a total of 446 deaths for the year. Last year saw an even larger increase, with the number of accident fatalities swelling to 468.

During the two-year period when fatalities rose, troopers issued fewer citation and made less arrests than in previous years. Research shows drunk driving arrests dropped by as much as 21 percent during the two-year period, while the number of speeding tickets declined by around 17 percent.

Many believe the changes can be attributed to a move away from targeted, numbers-driven law enforcement goals to a focus on broader strategies.

The Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys with McDivitt Law Firm would encourage motorists to be extra vigilant of their surroundings when on the road. Also, be sure to take appropriate safety measures, such as always buckling up and obeying the posted speed limit.

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