June 24th is Bike to Work Day!

Colorado bike to work dayYou may not know this, but the state of Colorado has designated each June as Colorado Bike Month. As part of that month Colorado wants to promote all cyclists “to experience the fun and freedom of safely riding a bike to work, school, errands and recreation.”

The fourth Wednesday in June has been designated as Bike to Work Day. This year that day is June 24th. The Team at McDivitt believes this is a great opportunity for us all to get out there and enjoy the benefits of bicycling. For more information on Bike Month and Bike to Work Day, check out CDOT. For local events in Colorado Springs, check out Metro Mountain Metropolitan Transit.

If you decide to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery in Colorado this month on your bike, remember these important safety tips:

  1. Wear a helmet!
  2. Make sure your bicycle fits to you.
  3. Check your equipment – tires, chains, brakes, and gears.
  4. Use a headlight.
  5. Always use hand signals.
  6. Wear something bright.
  7. Watch and avoid road hazards.
  8. Obey all traffic laws.
  9. Never ride against traffic.
  10. Do not pass on the right.
  11. Scan the road behind you.
  12. Never ride with headphones.
  13. Dress for the weather.
  14. Make eye contact with drivers.
  15. Ride in the middle of the lane in slower traffic.

For those of you who will be driving to work, please keep your eyes out for commuters on a bike.

Also check out our previous blog on Colorado Bicycle Laws. Have fun and stay safe this June 24th. We hope to see you out on the streets!


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