Denver Crash Survivor Sends Message Against Drunk Driving

February 29, 2012

One of the teenage survivors of a Denver, Colorado, drunk driving accident that occurred last November is hoping to share his story with others in hopes that they will choose not to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

An article released by 9 News states that the young man feels his life changed the night f November 6 when he and three friends got into a Toyota 4-Runner to drop one of the passengers off. The 18-year-old had reportedly been drinking for hours and was swerving through traffic and running red lights moments before losing control of the vehicle and crashing. The driver and the passenger in the front seat were killed, while the two teens in the back were critically injured.

In the months that followed the accident, the 17-year-old survivor has remained hospitalized. He is now a quadriplegic in rehabilitation, re-learning how to move and use each part of his body.

The teen survivor says, “I want people to see the consequences of drinking and driving. All kids say ‘I would never do that’ and they wind up doing it. And maybe if they see us, it will make at least some kids think before they ever mix cars and alcohol.”

The Denver Car Accident Lawyers with the McDivitt Law Firm applaud this young man for sharing his story to help others  and ask that you think twice before you drink and drive.

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