Denver Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Precautions for Traveling During Floods

With heavy rains and flooding in the Denver area, the Denver Car Accident Lawyers with McDivitt Law Firm explain the importance of extra safety precautions when traveling.

Colorado Driver's Flood Safety

A report from the New York Daily News stated that two people had died after their vehicles were overtaken by floodwaters in Boulder on Thursday. Commander Heidi Prentup of the Boulder Sheriff’s Office explained that the female victim was swept away by swift waters after her vehicle became stuck. In an attempt to help the woman, a man entered the water and drowned.

Accidents like this have prompted officials to ask residents to stay off roads unless instructed to evacuate the area by the authorities. If an evacuation is necessary, certain precautions should be taken.

It is important that motorists educate themselves as much as possible on conditions of the roads between their location and their destination. Some roads may be flooded, others may be covered in debris, while even more may be completely washed away. Once a clear route has been discovered, travel preparations should be made.

Travelers should remember to pack emergency gear in their vehicles, along with their personal items. Extra water and food, along with flashlights, spare batteries, and blankets should be among the items included in emergency kits.

McDivitt Law Firm’s team of Colorado Personal Injury Lawyers are hopeful these tips help keep citizens safe through the storms!

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