Yaz® and Yazmin® Lawsuit Settlements

According to Bayer’s 2nd Quarter 2013 Statement, which was released in August 2013, the drug maker had agreed to pay more than $1.4 billion to resolve an estimated 6,700 lawsuits alleging women suffered a heart attack or stroke from Yaz® or Yasmin®, a pulmonary embolism from Yaz® or Yasmin, or a deep vein thrombosis from Yaz® or Yasmin®. However, the drug maker still faces more than 5,000 additional claims involving a venous or arterial thromboembolism injury.

In addition to blood clot lawsuits, Bayer also faces a large number of claims brought by women who have suffered gallbladder disease or a gallbladder injury from Yaz® or Yasmin®, which often resulted in the need for removal of the gallbladder. Bayer did agree to a settlement program in March 2013, which does allow plaintiffs who suffered gallbladder injuries to secure recovery, despite negative scientific findings that may have made it difficult to succeed at trial.

Bayer is continuing negotiating on a case-by-case basis, after complete documentation and presentation of a claim by an attorney. The process of settling Yaz® and Yasmin® lawsuits is obviously far from over.

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