Xarelto® FAQ

Why should I choose McDivitt Law Firm to represent me for my Xarelto claim?

At McDivitt Law Firm, we care about doing what is right for our clients. We follow all ethical and professional rules for attorneys, and we don’t promise unreasonable results for our clients. We always stay up to date on the current state of our mass tort litigation, to make sure that our clients have the most current knowledge about their Xarelto claim.

We work tirelessly each day to make sure that we get our clients what they deserve!You need a lawyer who will fight for you, but also one that cares about you as a person, and who is willing to work with your individual needs. McDivitt Law Firm is that firm. 

Do I need an attorney for my Xarelto claim?

More than likely, yes. Due to the fact the Xarelto is such a prominent drug on the market today, we feel it is important to warn consumers who are either taking it or know a loved one who is taking Xarelto without knowing the true danger.

The label on the bottle does not list all of the possible side effects of the drug. Unfortunately, Xarelto was manufactured and sold to patients without an antidote. In certain cases, if your blood gets too thin, there is no drug you can to take to thicken it back up and prevent an uncontrollable bleeding event.

Additionally, there is no routine way to test your blood at home for this sort of issue. By contrast, Warfarin, another widely used blood thinner approved by the FDA in 1961, has an approved antidote.

If you have had an unusual bleed while taking Xarelto, contact an attorney right away! 

What do I need to know about Xarelto?

Xarelto is a commonly prescribed blood-thinner, used mainly to prevent blood clots in patients. Sold by Johnson and Johnson in the United States, and Bayer in Europe, the drug produced almost $2 billion in sales in 2013.

Across the globe, if someone is taking a blood thinner, 34% of the time they are taking Xarelto. The drug has only been on the market for 4.5 years since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Xarelto for prevention of blood clots back in July of 2011.

You or someone you love could be in danger!

What side effects should I be concerned about?

The following side effects could occur while using Xarelto:

  • Unusual or uncontrollable bleeding
  • Muscle weakness, fainting, or bruising
  • Nose, ear and eye bleeds
  • Brain hemorrhages, rectal bleeding and gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Death