Crash Raises Questions Regarding How Vehicle Value Is Determined

colorado auto accident property damageA Colorado car accident last week destroyed years of hard work and money a Thornton man had put into restoring a classic 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air sedan. While no one was injured, the crash underscores the complexities of filing Colorado Auto Accident Property Damage Claims.

The collision occurred at the intersection of the Thornton Parkway and Grant Street. According to an article from 9 News, the victim had bought the rusted-out Chevy in 1984 for 75 dollars and rebuilt the car two times. He had just completed his latest project when he took the car for a ride and was struck by the driver of a pickup truck who was allegedly distracted by a cellphone.

No one was injured, but the classic car was totaled in the crash. The driver of the truck has insurance, but the policy only covers the standard value of the car. It does not take the hours put into restoring the vehicle by the owner or the vehicle’s sentimental value into consideration.

This is where filing an insurance claim for property damage following an accident can become difficult to navigate.

The Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyers with McDivitt Law Firm suggest discussing your legal rights with an attorney if your vehicle has been damaged in an accident and you need to seek compensation for repairs or a replacement.

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