Colorado Veterans File Lawsuits after Disability Claim Denials

July 30, 2012

A lawsuit against the federal government by eight veterans of the US Army from Denver, Colorado, alleges that the Army’s Servicemembers Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection (TSGLI) program has adopted a policy of denying injury claims in an attempt to force veterans through the appeals process.

An article from The Courthouse News Service stated that the plaintiffs in the case suffered from a combination of service-connected health issues that included:

–          Sensory Losses.

–          Burns.

–          Paralysis.

–          Amputation.

–          Limb Salvage.

–          Facial Reconstruction.

–          Coma/Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) combined with another injury.

–          Inpatient Hospitalization.

Each soldier had to undergo rigorous evaluations of their injuries, including a letter from an independent doctor stating that the injuries left them unable to work, in order to apply for benefits. Court documents go on to say that each of these veterans Colorado Veterans Disability Benefits claims were denied on the grounds that they did not meet certain criteria; however, the criteria was not listed in any informational materials on the policies.

The suit goes on to say that reviews of cases being considered for lawsuits would do little good, as they would be denied by the federal government during the appeals process.

The Denver Personal Injury Lawyers with the McDivitt Law Firm say that this practice is not uncommon when applying for benefits. Your best bet is to discuss your case with an experienced attorney if a claim you make is denied.

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