Colorado Springs Social Security Disability Attorney

The Colorado Springs Social Security Disability Insurance attorneys of McDivitt Law Firm understand you can’t afford to wait for disability benefits. Our legal team has helped hundreds of people across Colorado receive the disability benefits they need as quickly as possible.

Social Security Disability Appeals

The Social Security Administration has published statistics showing that it denies more than 70 percent of the initial disability benefit claims it receives. The experienced lawyers and support staff at McDivitt Law Firm know firsthand that many of those applicants are eligible and deserve to receive benefits from the system they have paid into for years.

So often, disability applications are denied due to innocent mistakes like missing documentation or unclear statements. Our SSDI legal team can quickly comb through applications, find holes and weaknesses, and strengthen them significantly in time to meet the 60-day deadline for SSDI appeals.

Initial Social Security Disability Applications

Most people try to make the initial application for disability benefits on their own. However, most initial applications are denied, because they do not present a strong enough case.

We know that most disability applicants can’t afford a denial. That’s why we work hard to prepare the strongest possible application for our clients the first time around.

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