Colorado Springs Police Chief Announces No More DUI Checkpoints

October 21, 2011

An announcement by the Colorado Springs Police Department earlier this week stated they will no longer be conducting DUI checkpoints and will instead utilize saturation patrols. The Gazette reports that the department based the decision on low arrest numbers at checkpoints in years past.

Reports from the Colorado Springs Police show that DUI checkpoints over the last several years usually only net one or two arrests per night when put in use. The last checkpoint conducted stopped 679 vehicles with only two being arrested.

Interim Police Chief, Pete Carey, told the city council Tuesday that since the checkpoints have proven ineffective, they are switching to a new method. The chief announced saturation patrols would be utilized, in which numerous units patrol a small, designated area.

The decision has pleased critics of the checkpoints, who claim that they are a violation of fourth amendment rights. State officials with the Colorado Department of Transportation are not happy though, calling it “disappointing” and disagreeing with other departments by claiming the stops to be “a very effective deterrent.”

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