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Vote300x100McDivitt Law Firm is proud to announce that we have been nominated for the Colorado Springs Gazette’s Best of the Springs for 2015. Every year, based on nominations from Colorado Springs locals, the Gazette puts together a list of nominees for the best of the Springs in business, restaurants, stores, locations, and much more. This year, thanks to supporters, McDivitt Law Firm has been nominated for best lawyer in Colorado Springs.

We encourage all to go to the Gazette’s webpage by February 15th to vote for your favorite businesses and organizations. (Voting is now closed).  The video below will show you the steps you’ll need to take to vote on the Best of the Springs website. You will have to register by submitting your email account and creating a password. Afterwards, you can cast your votes. There are six categories with multiple subsections, and you can vote in as many sections as you’d like. McDivitt Law Firm is on the ballot for Best Lawyer, which is located in the City Life category.

The Gazette has also created a contest for voters. If you vote in at least 10 subcategories and comment on at least one of your votes, you will be put in for a drawing. One Grand Prize Winner will receive $500 worth of gift certificates of their choice. Five other winners will also receive a prize. However, winners must live within the delivery area of the Gazette. For all of the contest rules, please visit

Again, McDivitt Law Firm thanks those who nominated us, and all who vote for us in the Best of 2015. McDivitt Law Firm is proud to serve our community.

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