Colorado Motorist Caught in the Act of Driving While Distracted

July 15, 2013

Distracted driving is a growing problem across the United States. In fact, records indicate that in 2010, 416,000 motorists across the country were injured and another 3,000 drivers were killed as the result of these crashes.

A rising number of Colorado Distracted Driving Accidents are being recorded as well. To put into perspective just how common the behavior is becoming, Colorado’s 9 News recently released a video taken of a young man caught driving at high speeds along I-25, just north of Colorado Springs, while using a cellphone.

At times, the driver does not have his hands on the wheel at all as he taps numbers and letters on the phone while traveling as fast as 70 mph. He also fails to keep his eyes on the road for more than 30 seconds, traveling nearly half a mile without looking away from the screen of his phone.

Motorists should remember that in Colorado, it is against the law for novice drivers to operate a handheld electronic device behind the wheel of a vehicle. Furthermore, state law prohibits any motorist from sending or receiving text messages while driving.

The Denver Personal Injury Attorneys with McDivitt Law Firm point out how studies have shown distracted driving can be considered as dangerous as drunk driving. The firm asks motorists to do their part to keep the state’s roadways safe by putting their phones down while driving.

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