February Brings Winter Weather and Dangerous Road Conditions to Colorado

Twinter driving tips coloradohe end of February brought plenty of needed snow to Colorado and kept many of us inside.  However, while the snowfall always looks beautiful, it brings with it dangerous and slick road conditions. The Team at McDivitt Law Firm wants to remind you to be safe out on the snowy roads and to remember to give yourself extra time when driving to your destination.  If possible, you should always avoid driving in hazardous road conditions.

However, sometimes we may need to drive on hazardous winter roads, so just remember these safety tips when you head out:

  • Drive slowly and smoothly
  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly
  • Do not tailgate
  • Do not use cruise control
  • If you skid, don’t slam on the brakes
  • Use threshold braking (even in cars with Anti-lock Braking Systems)
  • Pull over if the roads get too bad.

Just this Wednesday, I-70 had to be closed in both directions due to multiple accidents because of the snowy weather.  Eastbound 1-70 even had a 20 car pile-up.  Pile-ups can often occur in inclement weather, but also simply from driver inattentiveness.  Check out our previous blog on “Who’s to Blame for Pile-Ups.”

We want to remind everyone to be safe when heading out on the roads. As March arrives, remember that it is often the snowiest month in Colorado.   Be careful and stay attentive!

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