What If a Colorado Workers’ Compensation Benefit Claim Is Denied?

June 12, 2013

When an employee of a Colorado business is hurt while working, they are often entitled to Colorado Workers’ Compensation Benefits to assist with expenses and losses related to their injury. However, under certain circumstances, claims for benefits can be denied.

The Colorado Department of Labor & Employment states that in order for a claim for workers’ compensation benefits to be approved, an injury must be sustained while at work and occur in the course of work duties performed by the victim.

These rules can sometimes make getting a claim approved a complex process. Many cases that are rejected involve workers who travel as part of their duties. Numerous cases have been held up because the victim was not on their employer’s premises when their injury occurred.

But just because an initial claim is denied does not mean the decision is final. It is important for injured workers to remember there is an appeal process to follow if their initial claim is not approved. However, there are certain documents that must be submitted in a timely manner in order for appeals to be considered.

The Colorado Personal Injury Lawyers with McDivitt Law Firm recognize the complexities of the state’s workers’ compensation system. That is why the firm suggests discussing your legal options with an attorney if you are considering applying for workers’ compensation benefits or have a claim that has been denied in the past.

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