“The Heat Is On” Campaign Wrapping Up This Weekend

September 5, 2011

Labor Day is no vacation for members of the law enforcement community in Colorado. In fact, the holiday means a busy work weekend for officers with the state wrapping up its “The Heat Is On” campaign. According to CBS-Denver, officers in departments statewide have been setting up sobriety checkpoints along roadways and have been focusing heavily on drivers under the influence of marijuana.

Officials with the state say officers in Colorado tend to see more drivers under the influence of the drug because of the state’s lenient laws regarding possession of the plant. The Denver Post reported that the number of marijuana users caught behind the wheel this year is expected to outnumber those caught last year. Last year 2,600 blood samples wee screened for THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) by the state health department lab. Of those samples, 1,600 came back positive and 500 had levels of the drug high enough to impair a driver. This year, 2,200 samples have already been examined with positive results in 1,000 cases. Of those tests, 250 have had levels high enough for intoxication.

These findings are one reason state lawmakers are trying to put limits in place that would make driving under the influence of marijuana much like that of driving drunk.

The Colorado Car Accident Attorneys at the McDivitt Law Firm encourage anyone getting behind the wheel this Labor Day to abstain from drugs or alcohol. It is a decision that may save your life, or the life of another.

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