State Patrol Launches Website Aimed at Preventing Colorado Truck Accidents

April 10, 2013

The weather in Colorado can change quickly this time of year. The inclement weather often leads to an increase in the number of Colorado Truck Accidents. To help alleviate the problem, the Colorado State Patrol has launched a website aimed at giving truckers the most up to date information on road and weather conditions.

The website, called, focuses most of its information on the mountainous passes of I-70. It provides the most recently collected vital data on weather and road conditions, the best locations to stop, and provides detailed information on the state’s chain laws.

Chain laws are in place through May 31st of this year and require every commercial truck be equipped with tire chains that help the vehicle move through snow and ice. The only exception to the law is if the vehicle is equipped with some other approved traction device.

It is important to note the site is mobile friendly and can easily be accessed through the use of a smartphone or tablet.

State troopers hope the website will allow operators of commercial trucks to make more informed decisions when traveling through the area, especially when the weather is bad.

The Denver Personal Injury Attorneys at McDivitt Law Firm applaud the efforts being made to better educate truck drivers on safety issues that are specific to the region.

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