Safety Course Offered to Help Prevent Colorado Motorcycle Accidents

March 18, 2013

The Colorado Department of Transportation reports that in 2011, a Colorado Motorcycle Crash was responsible for one in five traffic fatalities. The state offers an educational motorcycle safety course in an effort to reduce this staggeringly high statistic and this year, those interested in participating may be able to get assistance with the costs.

The courses will take place at the Municipal Airport in Sterling, Colorado, over three weekends between May through July. The curriculum was created by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and will be presented by the advocacy group, ABATE of Colorado.

An article from the Journal-Advocate explains the course will consist of an instructional period where riders learn basic safety techniques. Then, what was learned in the previous session is put to practical use during a real-world driving lesson.

For those who take the class but want to learn more, and intermediate course is being offered in late April.

The cost of the program is $199. However, a grant provided through the Logan County Emergency Medical Service Council will cover $100 of the expense for those taking part in the program.

The Denver Injury Attorneys at McDivitt Law Firm encourage anyone who is considering the idea of learning to drive a motorcycle to first take a safety course. Doing so may provide you with the information you need to prevent being hurt or killed as the result of a serious accident.

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