What You Need to Know About Insuring Recreational Vehicles

Insurance coverage for recreational vehiclesLiving in a place like Colorado, you may own some type of recreational vehicle, perhaps an RV for long trips or camping, or maybe an off-road vehicle for those less travelled spots. In that case, have you thought about what type of insurance you need?

Many RV owners believe that their current car insurance covers their recreational vehicles, and simply just add their recreational vehicles to the policy. However, your regular auto insurance policy may not provide sufficient protection for your recreational vehicle. Then, there’s the added fact that the property is inside your RV would be covered under your homeowner’s insurance, which most likely does not provide great coverage for that property.

What do you need to do?

To ensure that your recreational vehicle has proper coverage you will either need to get additional coverage under your auto insurance or purchase a separate policy for the recreational vehicle.

First, review both your auto insurance policy and homeowner’s insurance policy. These policies may be confusing in parts, so you may want to talk to an experienced attorney to better understand the policies. Afterwards, make sure to speak with your insurance agent to ensure that your recreational vehicle is covered by either adding to an existing policy, or by purchasing a new policy. Once you have done so, make sure you are provided with a written copy of that policy and that it lists the recreational vehicle and keep it for your records.

It is important you make sure the vehicle is properly insured in case an accident occurs while operating the vehicle. If you or someone else is injured while driving, having this additional coverage will be extremely important. Otherwise, enjoy exploring the beautiful outdoors of Colorado while operating your recreational vehicle.

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