New Safety Tip: Motorcycle Airbags

motorcycle-airbagMost of us probably know that there’s certain gear you should wear while on a motorcycle—a helmet, proper shoes, jacket, etc. But it recently came to my attention that many manufacturers are making motorcycle airbag jackets. In support of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month this May, I thought it a great idea to mention some different types of airbag jackets that have been created.

Different Models

A recent article in USA Today covers Alpinestar’s Tech-Air new electronic wearable airbag system. The article discusses the relatively new invention of “airbag” jackets and how with Aplinestars that it is the first time that a motorcycle airbag is a fully self-contained system. In other words, it does not require being hooked up to a motorcycle or that any other additional equipment be installed on the bike. The “airbag” is in a vest, and the inflatable areas protect the back, shoulders, kidney area, and chest. The vest needs to be worn under a compatible outer jacket, sold by Alpinestars, where connector cables attach the vest to the jacket. The airbag device is activated by zipping up the jacket.

According to Alpinestars, the Tech-Air system has sensors that can detect a rider’s impending loss of control or impact from a crash between 30 and 60 milliseconds. The airbag then inflates within 25 milliseconds. Check out Alpinestar’s FAQs for more information.

Ducati has also created a motorcycle airbag jacket, though it is part of a Ducati motorcycle. The Multistrada D-Air® is the first ever motorcycle wirelessly integrated with airbag riding jackets. The airbag inflates in about 45 milliseconds once the sensors determine that an impact is imminent. The motorcycle was first offered in 2014 in Europe only. There’s a 2015 edition as well.

This Month

In support of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month remember these safety tips:

  1. Wear Protective Gear including a USDOT approved helmet.
  2. Take Training Classes (such as MOST).
  3. Ride Sober!

Also check out these Motorcycle Skill Rating Maps from CDOT. Make sure you ride safely and at your skill level in Colorado. Have fun hitting the road, and let us all be aware of the motorcyclists on the road.

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