Making a Difference through Driver Education and Training

In a recent update from McDivitt, “Auto accidents on the rise in Colorado Springs,” we revealed that auto accidents in our area are at a five-year high.  At McDivitt, we see the devastating results of auto accidents on a daily basis.   We hope you will consider proactive measures that could prevent these collisions and make a difference in our community.

Proactive-driving-measuresOne of the top three causes of accidents in 2013 was driver inexperience.  According to the report compiled by the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD), the total number of collisions involving drivers ages 16 to 25 was 2,749.  This number was the highest of all age groups reported.

In the state of Colorado, completion of a Driver’s Education course is required prior to obtaining a driving permit, if you are between the ages of 15 and 15 ½.  Also, if you are under the age of 21, the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires you to have a learner’s permit prior to receiving your driver’s license.

There are a wide variety of benefits drivers of all ages, but especially young drivers, gain from a Driver’s Education course.

  1. Distracted driving (another leading cause of accidents in 2013) is addressed and emphasis is placed on the risks involved.  Driving a vehicle already requires you to multi-task, don’t add any more to your plate.
  2. Practice makes perfect.  Drivers gain behind-the-wheel experience and review various techniques that assist in safely navigating through adverse situations and weather conditions.
  3. Drivers are encouraged to continue driving with the guidance of seasoned drivers.  This allows on-the-road training that develops maturity from experience.
  4. Insurance companies frequently offer financial discounts for driver’s that have successfully completed a Driver’s Education course.  Monetary rewards can be a great incentive for young drivers and their families.

To learn more about the programs offered in your area, please visit the Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Keeping our roads safe is everyone’s responsibility.  If you are an inexperienced driver or have influence in a young driver’s life, we encourage you to consider taking a Driver Education course.  The benefits can make a difference for everyone.

Stay tuned for more tips on reducing the number of accidents in our community.

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