How Long Do Auto Accident Claims Take?

how-long-colorado-auto-accident-lawsuitUnfortunately, the answer to this question is not cookie cutter.  It is different for each individual who has been involved in an auto accident.  An average range would be a few months to a few years, but the following information will give you more insight into the elements that will affect the time it will take your claim to come to conclusion.

 One of the major factors in the life of your claim is directly linked to the severity of your injuries, the nature of treatment, and how you respond to it.  If you have minor injuries that can be successfully treated in a few weeks or months, your claim can generally be resolved in a shorter time frame.  However, in some cases, the injuries sustained from an accident could result in lengthy treatment plans, referrals to specialists, and surgery.  This could prolong the life of your claim. In either instance, McDivitt typically encourages our clients to undergo a full course of treatment before evaluating your claim for final settlement.  This allows your doctors to examine you, and as time passes, ensure your symptoms are understood and resolved before a claim is closed.  The first stage, for any auto accident victim, is to seek treatment from your personal physician or another medical care provider(s) right away.  The most important thing is to keep treating until you are better. Another factor that will determine the length of your case is the expertise of the person handling your claim.  Many times victims of auto accidents will ask themselves, “Do I need an attorney to assist me with my claim?”  Everyone’s circumstances are different, but the experts at McDivitt are well versed in personal injury law and have a wealth of experience in holding insurance companies accountable. Our goal is to assist our clients in becoming whole again.  This includes attending to your medical needs and ensuring that you receive the financial compensation to cover treatment, damages, and loss.  We hope our clients have not experienced multiple auto accidents in their lifetime.  That being said, if you haven’t navigated the waters of the claims process, it is a complicated one and insurance companies do not make the course easy for claimants. As an accident victim, you’ll probably have a lot of questions.  You’ll want them answered by an expert working for you, rather than by insurance adjusters hoping to limit their company’s exposure.  Typical questions include:

  • Why should I use my own health insurance instead of having the other driver pay for my medical care?
  • How does my offer compare to what other people get for the same or similar injuries?
  • How can I determine the costs associated with the pain and suffering I went through?
  • Should my settlement include the amount of my medical bills, the amount my insurance paid, or the amount I paid out of pocket?
  • Do I have to use some or all of my settlement to pay back my health insurance company?
  • How do I know I’m protected if my symptoms return after I settle?
  • If I need to use up all my vacation and sick pay to cover my time off from work, can I get paid for that?

McDivitt knows the answers to these questions and more.  Obtaining the assistance of our team members can save you precious time and money. Below are just some of the items McDivitt collects and organizes on your behalf:

  • Medical Bills
  • Treatment Notes
  • Diagnostic Imaging Results
  • Traffic Accident Reports
  • Witness Interviews and Statements
  • Photographs of Injuries
  • Photographs of Property Damage
  • Photographs of the Accident Scene
  • Accident Reconstruction Reports
  • Interviews and Statements from You, Family Members, Friends, Colleagues
  • Employment and Lost Wage Information
  • Maximum Recovery Parameters

After this process is complete, McDivitt aggressively negotiates and advocates for you.  When a settlement that you have agreed to is established, we also settle claims with outside parties who are entitled to payment from your settlement.  This additional service, again, saves you time and energy.  Throughout, we eliminate the heavy lifting, keeping you from undue emotional, mental, and even physical stress. There are times when insurance companies refuse to pay the amount of settlement our client deserves. When this happens, and with our clients’ approval, McDivitt will take a case to trial in order to get the money owed. Our team includes experienced litigators who are not afraid to take cases to trial.  This process, as expected, adds time to the life of your claim. To find out more about protecting your time and ensuring just compensation if you have been a victim of an auto accident, contact one of the experienced Colorado Personal Injury Lawyers at McDivitt Law Firm. You may reach us toll free at (877) 846-4878, or contact us for a free case evaluation. Your initial consultation is absolutely free, and you don’t owe us any fee until we collect money for you.

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