It’s Pothole Paradise on Colorado Streets

Pot holes in colorado Winter weather brings snow, ice, and potholes to our streets.  All three of which can be very dangerous when driving.  Right now we are in the midst of “pothole season.”  Potholes are notorious this time of year because of the freezing and melting and refreezing and re-melting, which ends up making a small hole in the road bigger and bigger.  While you are dodging potholes this season, consider the information below.

How Can a Pothole Damage Your Car?

That hole in the road looks a lot less problematic than it could be, but a pothole can damage multiple areas of your car.  Potential areas of car damage include:

  • Tire damage
  • Wheel rim damage
  • Untimely wear on shock and struts
  • Suspension damage
  • Alignment issues
  • Exhaust system damage
  • Engine damage

You should schedule a vehicle inspection with your local garage if you hit a pothole and suspect any of the damage items listed above.

Wait—How Many Potholes?

According to a recent article in the Denver Post, the Denver Department of Public Works has repaired more than 10,000 potholes this year!  Last year around the same time they had only filled around 6,000.  An article in the Gazette states that the Colorado Spring’s City crews filled 6,281 potholes in January and February of this year.  That’s an increase of more than 3,600 from the amount filled in 2014. According to the Colorado Springs Street Division manager, the division has spent $27,545 on potholes, which is more than 16% of its allocated budget.

Additionally, CDOT has reported that a lot of the repairs that they have been doing are only temporary as road temperatures are not high enough to use the proper mix to repair the roads.

What You Can Do

Of course the best route is for you to avoid hitting the potholes.  But remember that in trying to dodge a pothole you could be swerving into another car.  Be mindful of both potholes and other drivers while on the road.

The best thing that you can do is report the pothole to your city.  In Colorado Springs you can report a pothole’s location by calling 385-ROAD (719-385-7623) or leaving a “citizen request” online here.  There is also the GoCoSprings App, which you can download to your smartphone and mark the location of any potholes.  In Denver you can report the location of potholes by calling 311.  Crews should fill the pothole within 24 to 72 hours from the time of the report.


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