Icy Roads in Colorado Springs Put Motorists at Risk

Dec. 10, 2012

Snow is accumulating, and some of the coldest temperatures of the year hitting Colorado. As a result, many roads remain covered in ice, which can make driving a motor vehicle extremely hazardous.

With these risks in mind, the Colorado Springs Police Department is remaining on Accident Alert Status throughout the day. That means officers are standing by to report to serious Colorado Springs car accidents.

According to an article from KKTV 11 News, officers are asking those involved in less serious Colorado Springs car accidents not to call for assistance. If no one is injured, there is no serious property damage, or drugs and alcohol are not involved, car accident victims can simply file a report within 72 hours of an accident. Paperwork to file the report can be found online or by going to any police substation in Colorado Springs.

Many motorists wonder what they can do to prevent accidents from occurring while driving in winter weather conditions. Slowing down and giving other vehicles plenty of space is an effective way to prevent accidents from happening on slick roads.

The Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyers at McDivitt Law Firm also say that learning to shift your vehicle into a higher gear to slow down rather than applying your brakes is a vital skill that can be useful in preventing accidents.


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