Game Day Traffic Safety Tips

It’s Football Season, and I know many of you are die hard Broncos fans, as are many of us here at McDivitt Law Firm. The return of football season is great, and after last year’s Super Bowl win, I’m sure everyone is excited to see where this year goes. However, even with the rousing fun of a football game, I’m sure those who live in the Denver area have at one point or another had to endure the traffic on I-25 near the Broncos stadium on a game day. And I know it’s not pretty.

Tips for dealing with game day traffic
With higher traffic congestion, comes an increase in auto accidents. To help prevent you from getting into a car crash, we have put together these helpful tips to follow when both near the stadium and on the interstate.

  1. Always obey speed limits and traffic laws. This is one of the simplest ways to prevent a collision, plus it keeps you from getting a ticket. 
  1. If you are dropping someone off or picking them up, make sure you do so in a designated area. You don’t want to block traffic in any way. It also keeps those exiting the car safe. 
  1. Don’t drive distracted. If you are near the stadium, there are going to be people walking and milling about, possibly some who have been drinking. You need to pay attention, and make sure nothing happens.
  1. Watch for other vehicles entering the flow of traffic. This may occur in the parking lot with those backing out, parking, or trying to exit. Remember to be courteous. This also can include those merging onto the interstate. Always be aware.
  1. Don’t get frustrated. If you get stuck in traffic it’s best to keep cool. Aggressive driving won’t help the situation, and could lead to an auto accident. 
  1. And if you are attending the game, there are always alternatives to driving. Look at the possibility of using the Light Rail, a taxi or Uber, or the BroncosRide.

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If you are one of the luck souls attending Bronco games this year, please remember these tips, and for those less lucky, these tips will come in handy if you are not at home watching the game but happen to be stuck in traffic (link to traffic jam blog when posted). Enjoy the festivities before and after the game, and remember if you chose to drink, have an alternative to getting home rather than driving yourself. We want everyone to stay safe and to continue to enjoy this year’s NFL season.

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