County Workers Compensation Cases Fewer But Cost More

June 10, 2011

George Tinker, a senior loss prevention specialist for Las Animas County, praised the county commission Tuesday for heading a successful campaign over the last few years, which has cut down on accidents on the job for county workers.

The Trinidad Times reports Tinker works with County Technical Services Inc., which manages the county’s assets. He said the county was on the extreme low end of risk exposure compared to other Colorado counties.

However, Tinker explained that a few severe injuries could radically change those numbers. He explained how a few large claims were the only impacts on payout totals by the county.

  • A sheriff’s office training accident resulted in in a $92,508 payout.
  • A lifting accident resulted in a $120,387 settlement with the county.
  • Six other lifting accidents resulted in over $180,000 being paid to injured workers.

Lifting injuries occurred as a very small percentage of the total number of accidents; however, they seemed to be much more severe. The 19 lifting accidents out of the 128 total claims resulted in $381,130 worth of payments to injured workers. That is almost 40% of the total payouts.

Lifting accidents can result in injuries that can cause a victim lifelong pain and could result in the need for treatment for the problem for years, possibly life. A Colorado Workers’ Compensation attorney with McDivitt Law Firm may be able to help you if you have suffered an injury on the job.

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