Colorado’s Cap On Compensation Hasn’t Budged In Years

April 4, 2012

The Colorado Forest Service has accepted responsibility for the wild fire that has caused millions of dollars in damages to homes and property in the Denver area, as well as injuring dozens and leaving at least three people dead.

But according to FOX 31 News, if the state was to be sued in connection with the fire, the most it would have to pay would be $600,000 to be divided amongst all those who were affected.

The cap comes after a landmark decision in 1987 that was the result of another catastrophic accident. That year a boulder fell from a cliff next to a highway and smashed into a bus full of tourists. Governor Roy Romer took responsibility for not ensuring the highway was closed and promised to cover medical expenses and other costs for the families and victims.

In an unprecedented move that brought national attention, he decided that the state’s cap on the amount it would pay in damages was too low at $400,000 and raised the total by $200,000.

The cap has remained the same for the past 25 years as inflation has decreased the value of the dollar and medical costs have skyrocketed.

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