Colorado Man Teaches Teens The Importance Of Safe Driving

April 11, 2012

Statistics show that motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer of young people between the ages of 18 and 25 years old. That’s why a 27-year-old Colorado man who survived a devastating car accident when he was a teen is using his story to inspire Denver-area teens to drive safely.

The Denver Post reports that the young man spoke with a group of teens at North High School yesterday. He told them about how on a November night in 1999, he went for a ride with a friend who had just gotten his license. The driver was speeding when he lost control of the Honda Civic and crashed.

The man, who was just 14 years old at the time, spent the next six weeks in a coma. When he awoke, he had to undergo 22 surgeries and face being put on life support twice. He now has only 20 percent of his short-term memory and had to stop several times during his presentation to compose his thoughts.

He says the accident was a life-changing experience, which has led him to help others. “I was reborn to talk to people about this,” he said.

The Denver Car Accident Lawyers with the McDivitt Law Firm are glad that this young man is able to live a fulfilling and promising life, and they strive to help other accident victims suffering from similar injuries move on with their lives as well.

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