Colorado Considers Adopting Regulations for Driverless Vehicles

Feb. 4, 2013

With driver error, particularly distracted driving, being considered a leading cause of Colorado Car Accidents, lawmakers in the state are trying to think outside the box on how to reduce auto collisions. According to an article from CBS-Denver, one of the actions being considered is adopting laws allowing autonomous vehicles on the state’s roads.

Researchers from Google are currently working to develop a car that does not need to be operated manually. Instead, the vehicle communicates wirelessly with other vehicles and infrastructure systems in order to determine how to maneuver. While the technology is not expected to hit the market for another ten years, lawmakers in Colorado are already considering a bill that would allow the vehicles to hit the streets.

The bill would require a vehicle to still have a licensed driver at the wheel to hit an override switch and take the wheel if manual operation was required.

Motorists operating a vehicle in the autonomous mode would be allowed to use a handheld electronic device while the vehicle was in motion. Experts feel this technological advancement would better protect motorists from the dangers of distracted driving.

The Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys at McDivitt Law Firm acknowledge the shockingly high number of serious accidents associated with distracted driving. Since driverless vehicles are expected to drastically reduce this number, the firm would like to applaud new and developing advancements in automotive safety technology.

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