Colorado Cab Drivers Up In Arms Over Insurance Coverage

May 9, 2012

For those who work in the transportation industry, having insurance coverage in case you are involved in an accident is vital. If not, a driver could be left with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and damages to pay. But what happens when a driver was never offered coverage for certain stipulations?

This seems to be the question in a case that the Colorado Court of Appeals recently ruled on. According to Denver Westward, a lawsuit claimed that Yellow and Metro Taxi Companies in Colorado didn’t offer uninsured motorist coverage to drivers, despite the fact that it was a product the insurer carried. Furthermore, the companies had misled employees about the coverage offered because they declined the coverage for drivers before ever making it available to them.

The case was brought up after a driver was injured in an accident that was caused by an uninsured motorist. Only later did he find out that not only would he not be reimbursed for his expenses because the other driver didn’t have insurance and wasn’t covered by an uninsured motorist policy, but he also had no workers’ compensation benefits.

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