Celebrity Car Crashes—Hey, They’re People Too

celebrity car crashIf you have ever experienced a car accident, you probably know that it can be a traumatic incident, or if you are luckier, just an inconvenient hassle. But, we aren’t the only ones susceptible to dealing with a car crash—even celebrities have experienced car crashes and have to deal with insurance companies as well, or at least their assistant has too. I thought it would be interesting to go through some famous, or infamous, celebrity car crashes, just to show that even those in the limelight can become victims while behind the wheel or as a passenger, and thus, have to deal with some of the same situations as the rest of us.

  1. Tom Brady

Tom Brady has seen his fair share of legal “issues” this year, but back in 2010 Brady was involved in a car crash where another driver ran a red light and hit his Audi. Brady was unhurt and even able to make practice later in the day. In this incident, the driver who hit Brady had his driver’s license suspended at least five times in the past three years before the crash.

  1. Michael Phelps

Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, was involved in a car crash back in 2009. The driver of the other car hit Phelps’ Cadillac Escalade when she—you guessed it—ran a red light. Phelps and his passengers were uninjured in this incident.

  1. Juliette Lewis

Actress, Juliette Lewis, was injured in a car crash back in 2010. The car she was traveling in was stuck by a hit-and-run driver. Guess the driver didn’t want an autograph. Unfortunately, this incident required Lewis to be hospitalized for a short period of time.

  1. Tracy Morgan

In 2014, comedian, Tracy Morgan, was a passenger in a limo van that was struck by a Walmart truck. In this unfortunate accident, one passenger was killed and four others were seriously injured, including Morgan who suffered from a brain injury. The National Transportation Safety Board cited that the truck driver’s fatigue likely caused the crash. After the incident, Morgan filed a lawsuit against Walmart. The family of the deceased victim also sued Walmart, in which Walmart agreed to a $10 million settlement with the family.

So, the lesson here is that celebrities too can be in car crashes. And like you and I, they also have to deal with the insurance company and possible lawsuits. Depending on the situation, these celebrities may also need an attorney to handle the situation. Therefore, it’s also important for you to consider if you need an experienced auto accident attorney after being the victim of a car crash, because if a celebrity needs a lawyer, you probably need one too.

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